Welcome to GunfightersINC. We are a small veteran owned company in the pacific northwest specializing in hand made Kydex tactical gear for military, law enforcement and civilians. To understand what GunfightersINC is all about one must first understand who we are, where we come from in regards to design perspective and what a good piece of tactical gear consists of.

 Because a piece of gear might work at home in your living room or on a one way static range doesn't mean it's going to work while under extreme stress, when tenths of a second seem like eons and second chances are rare... This is where our products were designed to operate and excel. Please take a moment to look around our website, learn what we build, why we build it and feel free to forward any questions you may have via our contact form.

GunfightersINC was founded in 2011 with the intent of developing innovative products that push gear design and functionality to the next level. Our products were born from experience on the battlefield, in the mud and sand. Having been there ourselves, we know what ideas to implement and which to scrap. Building products that work FOR you rather than against you under body alarm response. That is the difference and what sets our products apart.